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Bicycle Gear Calculator

Although the GearCalc Pro Bicycle Gear Calculator is a very powerful application for serious cyclists, it is also fun and easy to use. It creates charts, tables, and graphs for your bicycle in English/American and Metric Standard Gearing. It will calculate speed, and cadence, and gearing step sizes. It has automatic suggest functionality for both gear usage and freewheel/cassette cog sizes. It quickly and easily calculates the speed range for each gear. The gearing assessment also gives the optimum speed for each gearchange along with the cadence that this corresponds to.

Bicycle Gear Calculator showing main window, gearing assessment, gear usage and chain alignment windows Gear Usage Table - checked boxes are gears used unchecked=unused Assessment of gears with duplicates removed Cyclists Cadence Calculator calculates cadences for any speed and combination of gears Chain Alignment Chain Alignment offset angle Click on the gears to learn more about the gearing diagram

If this sounds far too easy you can always use some gear ratio charts and suffer.

Download The Gear Calculator Demo

Click below to download a zip file containing a full installation set for GearCalc Pro:
Download GearCalc Pro Bicycle Gear Calculator2.2.16 (2.645MB)

If you have already run the install for GearCalc Pro 2.1.26 or higher click below to upgrade it to version 2.2.16
Click to download the latest Gear Calculator executable (140kb)
Click to download the latest Gear Calculator help system (136kb)

You can also be download GearCalc as part of the Machinehead Bicycle Software Package

Other Features Of GearCalc Pro Bicycle Gear Calculator

Cyclists Cadence Calculator
Assessment Of Bicycle Gearing
Fixed Wheel Bike Gear Calculator
Printed Certification for your bicycle gears
Gear Usage Table
Gearing Diagrams
Chain Alignment
Standard and Non-Standard Tyre Sizes
Speed, distance, time calculators

Minimum System Requirements

640 x 480 pixels 16 colour minimum, but 600x800 or better recommended
An IBM compatible Pentium 90MHZ or better, running Windows 9x, ME, NT, XP or later

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