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Javascript Heart Rate Training Zone Calculator

Here is a rather spartan Javascript version of the LevelCalc heart rate calculator. This one calculates heart rate values based entirely upon the revised ABCC/BCF training guidelines which are based upon the riders maximum heart rate. Riders who have no idea what there maximum heart rate (MHR) is can estimate from the following equations:
Females MHR = 209 - (age * 0.7)
Males MHR = 214 - (age * 0.8)
These formula are generally considered more reliable than the previously used 220-age.

The 6 zones can be simplified into three bands, for use by younger and non-elite riders. For convenience I have colour coded these bands: Blue=Basic Band, green=Intensive Band, red=Maximal Band

Age in years
Sex: Click for sex change
Maximum heart rate (MHR)
Zone    Range BPM   Purpose
Recovery Short rides (non-training) for recovery
Zone 1 Development of economy and efficiency with very high volume, low stress work. Very long sessions improve the combustion and storage of fats. Combine with Zone 2 for practical unstructured low stress rides.
Zone 2 Development of economy and efficiency with high volume, moderate stress work. An important intensity for establishing a firm base for all riders. Combine with Zone 1 for practical unstructured low stress rides
Zone 3 Development of aerobic capacity and endurance with moderate volume work at a controlled intensity. Should be done alone or in a small group to stay in zone. Possible (but boring) on a turbo trainer for up to one hour in bad weather. 'Modules' can be incorporated into Zone 1 or 2 rides to increase intensity whilst maintaining volume.
Zone 4 Typical 'mean' intensity of most road races. Useful for tapering and as preparation, to simulate race pace, rather than as training. Sessions should be ended when the effort starts to tell.
Zone 5 Raising of anaerobic threshold, improvement of lactate clearance and adaptation to race speed. Should be done alone and:-
(1) as a specific road or 'turbo' session or
(2) for controlled periods within a shortened Zone 1 or 2 session or
(3) in a 10 or 25 mile time trial.
Zone 6 High intensity interval training to increase maximum power and improve lactate production or clearance. Probably best done on hills or a 'turbo' trainer.
NOTE 1. Should be done only when completely recovered from previous work.
NOTE 2. Heart rates are not the best guide for this type of training. Intensity should be such that the effort can just be held to the end of the interval. Ride on feel and use heart rate for feedback.
Calculator by Nigel Jones

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