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Using The Bicycle Gear Calculator And Cyclists Power Calculator In Tandem

Version 1.1 onwards of the Machinehead 'GearCalc Pro' bicycle gear calculator, can be used in tandem with v1.1 (or higher) of the 'PowerCalc' Cyclist Power Calculator. If both programs are open, they can link up via GearCalc Pro's cadence calculator. So when you increase or decrease the speed value here using GearCalc's convenient spin buttons. Not only does the gear calculator respond by showing you the recommended gear and cadence (rpm), but also the power calculator, will give you the riders power requirement in watts, and calories for the current road speed, wind speed, gradient etc.

Click on the 'Chainring Freewheel' button in the bike power calculator, and PowerCalc's thrust calculator will import the gear set and cadence settings directly from the gear calculator's main window.

Tandem and recumbent riders can use these programs too

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