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Animated bike and rider by Nigel Jones

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Nigel Jones - The Big White Chief
On yer bike!
" Machineheadland " is not a democracy but a benevolent dictatorship. You are welcome to email / snail-mail me (Nigel Jones) with ideas and suggestions - I reserve the right to ignore you! So far I have been replying to all my mail, but I'm offering no guarantees. Jones (Nigel) - After de-bugging the Bicycle Gear Calculator This is me (Nigel) after an all night programming frenzy.

Being the boss at Machinehead Software means I get to design, write and test all the software, help files and web pages. Also I get to make all the tea, deal with all the correspondence, and address any complaints. Fortunately I haven't had to deal with many of these, the software has very few bugs. Most of the cycling software was written when I was 'between jobs' as a substitute for formal programming qualifications in support of my job applications. So please be patient if it takes me a while to reply to your enquiry, remember that writing dull applications for corporate fascists (or even dull job applications to CF's) have always been my priority and I haven't got a team of highly experienced IT personnel to do the work for me... I was never particularly fussy about employers. Companies who don't expect me to work for free in my Xmas holiday, and can pay a decent wage are preferred though. As a school kid, I delivered leaflets for the local loan shark, then progressed to a job shovelling shi'ite at his riding school. Later I did lab work at CEGB/Nuclear Electric, then worked as an applications programmer at Bristol Office Machines, then (for a lot more money!), at a junk mail company (MM).
I am currently actively seeking gainful employment so e-mail me your job offers at:
To quash certain rumors that my departure from MM was due to some wrong doing on my part rather than certain unique management practices on MM's part: Here is an open reference from them.

Watch this page for details my snail mail address may change soon.

Nigel's idea of a clear and unambiguous hand signal
On yer bike
Even as I child I was a cool cat with a great attitude.
I have always been highly skilled in the art of non-verbal communication!
I always give clear and unambiguous hand signals
I was born at a very young age after winning my first race (I was the fastest out of about 10000 sperm!)

Although I do have some other hobbies, I am a genuine cyclist who has covered many thousands of miles on the bike. I wrote the original version of the gear calculator because it seems sensible to make the best of my limited power supply (at best about 150 watts average, for an hour and forty five minutes, on a good day) by using appropriate gears that would enable me to maintain a constant(ish) cadence. I gauge this with a cheap handlebar mounted cycle computer, attempting to maintain around 90 rpm.

The Company Vehicle Or "Jonesmobile"

Click to see more pictures of the cycle path - Photography by Nigel Jones This is the "Jonesmobile" at the Bath end of the Sustrans most famous bicycle path. It does a lot less than 150 mph, weighs a lot more than a feather, and is slower than a speeding bullet, but itís faster than a limping snail, and more aerodynamic than a barn door in the wind, and it keeps me fit. PowerCalc was written largely because I wanted to be able to estimate how much faster I would be able to go on a decent bike with an aerodynamic riding position.

LevelCalc was my attempt to make some sense out of the various heartrate formulae. Hopefully enabling me to train better rather than just more. WheelCalc was written because a local bike shop requested it.

Contacting Nigel Jones

Snail Mail gif by Nigel Jones

If you wish to snail mail me, my address is:
Nigel Jones
24 Roslyn Road

Or telephone: (+44) 01179 446914

Snail Mail artwork by Nigel Jones Click the snail mail slug to view more Nigel Jones Art

Around 8:30pm (UK time) is the best time to catch me in - Check the local weather forcast first. If its dry I'm probably out on my bike, and the Rottweiler hasn't learned to answer the phone yet!

Happy cycling.

e-mail me (Nigel Jones) at:

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