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MachineHead Software Miscellaneous Downloads

Tell me more about Su Doko Su Doko Puzzle game program for Windows. Download Sudoko (1.590MB) Tell me more about the Machinehead SuDoko program for Windows
Tell me more about the webmasters weaponry developer toolbox NEW! Webmasters Weaponry A toolbox of utility programs for web page designers. Tell me more about the webmasters weaponry developers toolbox
Tell me more about the music player NEW! Music Player Jukebox system for mp3, wav, wma, midi and CD Audio. Tell me more about the music player
Tell me more about the Doshcalc Money calculator DoshCalc Real time earnings calculator with vocals 8) When people give you grief just look at DoshCalc and smile. Or perhaps you are simply a contractor trying to estimate how much to charge the customer. If DoshCalc isn't fun: get another job! Tell me more about the DoshCalc earnings calculator
Tell me more about Machinehead Software screen saver program NEW! Machinehead Software Screen Saver Download the screen saver programme
Tell me more about Nigels Abacus NEW! Nigels Abacus The ultimate retro calculator from Nigel Jones Download Nigels Abacus
Tell me more about the Nigel Jones Puzzle NEW! The Nigel Jones Puzzle: For those who would like to rearrange my face! Download Nigels Puzzle
Tell me more about the traffic cone invasion NEW! The Traffic Cone Invasion: Your chance for revenge on those little orange pluthermuckers! Declare war on conical terror! Traffic Cone Invasion Rules
Tell me more about the webmasters tools NEW! Free Javascript S-P-A-M reduction script for web site operators. Makes your E-mail difficult for s-p-a-m b-o-t-s to 'harvest' Download the webmasters tools
Tell me more about the body mass calculator Body Mass Index Calculator BMI Classification based on weight and height. Runs in your web browser and FREE Tell me more about the body mass index calculator
Tell me more about the Wind Chill Calculator ChilCalc Calculates wind chill effects using the Siple-Passel Equation. Also part of PowerCalc this is a stand alone version. Download ChillCalc. (300KB) Tell me about Wind Chill effects
Tell me more about the sports performance calculators NEW! Speed, Distance, Time Calculators Written for cyclists but also useful to many other types of racers and competitive sportsmen. Runs in your web browser and FREE Download the sporting speed, distance time calculators
Download the noughts and crosses program OXO FREE: Pointless web browser based noughts and crosses program by Nigel Jones. Download the tac tac toe program
Tell me about the vulgar fraction converter Fractions FREE Vulgar fractions to decimal converter. Also converts inches to millimetres and mm to inch. Download Vulgar Fraction Converter (18KB) Tell me more about vulgar fraction converter
Tell me about the Lottery Generator Lottery How do you choose your National Lottery numbers? Download Mistic Nig's Lottery number generator. (300KB) Tell me more about the Lottery random number generator
Tell me more about Table Tennis league table software Table Tennis A simple database system for keeping track of table tennis league results. Produces a printed league table and the form so far for any chosen team. This was my first attempt at programming. Originally I wrote this for a ZX81, then I did a BASICA/GWBASIC version for the IBM, which explains the cheesy user interface. I still use this program because it works and I can't be bothered to write a windows version. Even with this version the most difficult part is finding the little tiny results box in the newspaper every week! Download ping99.zip (78KB) - New version now also turns your league table into a web page. Tell me more about the Table Tennis league table program
Roster system icon Roster System This is a simple two shift small company roster system. I wrote this as a bespoke system for a local security company. Normally this would have become the property of the client - but he didn't pay up. Any offers? e-mail me at Roster system icon

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