Traffic cone invasion force - using thruster rockets to land
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Traffic Cone Invasion

Traffic cone invasion force - using thruster rockets to land - traffic cone world domonation

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The Traffic Cones land using thruster rockets. Then the deadly metamorphosis begins and the evil traffic cones transform into warrior cones with scary names like "Cone The Destroyer", "Cone The Barbarian" or even "Cone The Parlimentarian" (now that IS scary!). But the traffic cone they all fear is "Cone The Librarian" because he will really throw the book at you! Is there no end to the fiendishness of the cones? Recent reports suggest that they may have been developing weapons of mass destruction in a bedroom in Lancashire. Other reports claim that the traffic cones have developed special anti radar stealth technology to threaten cyclists using the Bristol to Bath cycle track. Be afraid - my high tech cycling software and miscellaneous downloads offer no protection against traffic cone imperialism or any kind of conical terrorism!

Traffic Cone Central Command and Control Module
Time WMD
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The traffic cones world domination mission has already begun....Soon they will bring the planet to a stand still!

Traffic Cone the Destroyer

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Traffic Cone the Barbarian

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