Traffic cones want to achieve world domination by developing weaopns of mass destruction

Traffic Cone Weapons of Mass Destruction

Dalek Traffic Cone holding Weapon of mass destruction
Traffic cone with weapons of mass destruction - the proof!

Intelligence Dossier

We have received a dossier from a reliable source within the intelligence service that suggests that Lancashire has been invaded by traffic cones.

Not only have the cones successfully invaded and occupied Lancashire but they have been developing weapons of mass destruction that it might be possible for them to deploy within 45 minutes.

Photographic Evidence

The cheeky cone on the left has occupied the intelligence operative's bedroom! The objects at the cones base are believed to be mobile weapons of mass destruction factories. The blue stuff is the cones stockpile of anthrax spores.

The Smoking Gun

This picture really is the smoking gun that proves the Cones are developing WMD in support of their quest for world domination. As you can see the cone is glowing as a result of smuggling vast quantities of uranium from Africa! How much proof do you need?

Surgical Strikes

It is proposed to issue the cones with a 110 day ultimatum to surrender the weapons of mass destruction. Then launch surgical strikes to liberate the people of Lancashire from the traffic cone tyranny, opression, domination and general conical imperialism. These surgical strikes will of course use only the smartest of smart bombs causing limited amounts of collateral damage to carefully selected strategic targets - so that we will be able to get the essential services back on line quickly.

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Photography by a secret intelligence operative who is widely believed to have conveniently committed suicide.

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