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Nigel Jones isn't the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Minister For Transport, Employment Minister or any kind of member of parliament. Indeed Nigel has never even been inside the house of commons or taken any active part in any kind of debate within the house of commons, and has no plans to seek election in the foreseeable future.

Mostly Nigel leaves the politics to those with nothing better to do, although employment is currently a big issue

Don't Mess With Nigel Jones He's A Registered Voter!

Nigel Jones is the big cheese at Machinehead Software, a scoop photographer and a British subject and as such he is entitled to exercise his unwritten but constitutional right to free speech. Nigel is a big advocate of democracy and free speech. Although democracy and free speech doesn't extend as far as his telephone or any other part of the Republic of JonesVille. This is because JonesVille isn't a democracy, and Nigel is a benign dictator whose interests include: cycling, power, programming, extraterrestrials, music, sex, money, art, food, nature, world domination, weapons of mass destruction, and of course humor - more to life than just serious political issues you know. Sometimes nigel lays awake at night, dreaming about gear ratios, spoke lengths, knee angles, heart zones and web developers tools. Sometimes he just plays with his balls or does puzzle's.

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Your big chance to participate in the great 'Nigel Jones Poll': Cast your vote by clicking on the appropriate button. If you think Nigel is just a who isn't even fit to shovel horse shit click the button on the left to smash him into pieces. If you think Nigel is an omnipotent mega-being and all-round good guy click "Restore Nigel Jones Power" to register a vote for Nigel. If you really hate Nigel Jones you can rearrange his body parts slowly but deliberately by clicking on his picture above. Like so many online polls you can cast as many votes as you want to.

Nigel's Words Of Wisdom

Click the button below to see my outer components cycling around my inner body parts:


A Real Cyclist can empathise with road kill

Who ever you vote for the government always gets elected!

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