Angry traffic cone artwork by Nigel Jones Nigel Jones Art - click to see more Cones
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Nigels Software Nigels Software

Nigel Jones - Art

Angry traffic cone by Nigel Jones

Computer Generated - Art

Wheel Builders nightmare - click to enlarge

Spokes Everywhere (Funky Psychedelic Bicycle Wheel)

This artwork was created by Nigel Jones using the spoke calculator in draw pretty patterns mode. At first glance it resembles a spirograph creation but stare at it for long enough and you might just see some coloured lines!

Pedals in motion - click to enlarge

Pedals In Motion

Once again this lovely original work of art has hidden depths. Stare at it for long enough (and kind of cross your eyes a bit!) and you might see a hamster on a tread mill. This masterpiece of modern art was created with Crank Calc by Nigel Jones.

Hand Drawn Art

Hand drawn with a little help from his computer..

Web masters weaponry spider icon


Spider icon as used within the web masters weaponry tool kit which incorporates a link checking spider. Designed by Nigel Jones November 2004.
Click the space ship to view alien landing Art by Nigel Jones

Alien Spaceship

So who says aliens don't look like this? When was the last time YOU saw one?

Snail mail slug graphic by Nigel Jones Art by Jones Nigel

Tony The Snail Mail Slug

Yet another astonishing example of Nigel Jones talent as an artist and graphics designer.

Machinehead Software Logo

Machinehead Software Logo

Such perfection ;-) Also used in the Machinehead Screen Saver

Rider in yellow jersey animation by Nigel Jones

Cyclist In Yellow Jersey

Poetry in motion.... As used in Nigels artistic screen saver ;-)

Nigel Jones - balls Nigel Jones -  Abacus ball Abacus rail picture Abacus ball picture

Nigel's Balls

Nigel the artist drew the balls, Jones the javascript programmer wrote the script that brings them to life! As used in Nigels Abacus ;-)

Arty Photographs

Click on the thumbnail to see the picture full size

Ride Into The Sun

Always liked these into the sun shots that show nice rays of light shining through the trees. Anthony Armstrong Jones - eat your heart out!

Click to enlarge the toe nail clippings

Nigels Toe Nail Clippings

Preserved in cyberspace for posterity and the good of mankind. The clippings can be found on top of a pile of bricks and next to a slice of dead cow.

Modified Photographs

Lone Ranger and Tonto

The Lone Ranger and Tonto

Sometimes good photography is simply about being in the right place at the right time... Same goes for these alien cyclists

Rocket assisted traffic cone

Rocket Propelled Traffic Cone

Believe it or not the traffic cone is a photo of the genuine item. Only the rocket flame was added by hand. The rocket propelled cone appears with some other Conical Characters on the traffic cone invasion page

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