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Nigel's Toe Nail Clippings

Angry traffic cone by Nigel Jones

A photograph of the actual toe nail clippings donated by Nigel Jones. DNA from these toe nail clippings and a bit of radical cloning technology was used to create almost the entire software development team. The remaining clones in the graphics design artwork and creative writing department were created from DNA extracted from some pubic hairs from Nigels moustache. The unpredictable results here are believed to be due to contamination of the hairs with beer froth.

Nigels Toe Nail Clippings
Click to enlarge the toe nail clippings

The great man's toe nail clippings have been preserved for posterity, in a matchbox, as the main exhibit at the Machinehead museum of fine art and bicycle technology. (On top of the pile of bricks and adjacent to a slice of cow.)

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Photography by Nigel Jones Registered voter