Angry traffic cone

Horse Shit

Angry traffic cone

A photograph of some potentially weapons grade horse shit on the cycle path by Nigel 'Scoop Photographer' Jones

Picture of horse shit. Click to download the horse shit Theme music (52kb mp3 file)

What else is there to say about horse shit? Otherwise known as crap but its organic and biodegradable crap. Horse manure is a completely natural product available in abundance from a horses back end or a politicians front end. I think the above graphic could form the basis of a best organically grown with notepad web site award 8)

Organic fertiliser to make the garden grow, or chemical weapon of mass destruction? I suppose it depends on your point of view. Horse shit and urine from someone with a liking for dark ale were essential ingredients in some early recipes for gun powder. I wonder where Guy Fawks got his raw materials...

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Photography by Nigel Jones Nigel Jones - Registered voter

Professional Photography by Nigel Jones