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Webmasters Weaponry

Webmasters Weaponry is a kit of handy tools for web site developers

The Toolkit

Additional Tools And Functionality

ANSI Character Code Generator | Meta keywords generator | HTML Color code generator | Changed Files Tracker

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Constraints and limitations of WMW

Minimum System Requirements

640 by 480 pixels 16 colour is possible but 800 by 600 or better recommended.
An IBM compatible Pentium 90MHZ or better, running Windows 9x, ME, NT, XP or later
Because much of the functionality is concerned with parsing and in some cases automatically editing multiple files (web pages) the faster your computer runs, and in particular the faster your hard disk runs the better!
NOTE:- This program is not suitable any of the 16 bit Micro$oft operating systems such as Windows 3.11

To be announced
Download The Demo
Demo not currently on general release, however certain selected (technically competent) customers for my web design and bespoke programming services will be invited to test the beta.
If you can't wait for me to get WMW finished and released, you could try using my link testing service.

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