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Webmasters Weaponry - Link text replacement

The WMW text replace can replace every instance of a spelling mistake across every document in the selected directory. Normally this is a pretty dangerous thing to do, especially when it cycles through the lot at high speed and without prompting.

Used with care within the confines of HTML documents this can be a safe and powerful tool for re wiring selected links:

For Example:

Enter "ObsoleteFilename.html" in the 'Find Text' box and "ShinyNewFilename.html" in the 'Replace With' box to rewire all the links that used to point to ObsoleteFilename.html so that they now point to ShinyNewFilename.html. Don't forget the quote marks (") though because otherwise if you have got any links pointing to a file called ObsoleteFilename.html in a different directory on your own site, or on someone else's domain, or if you also have a file called AnotherObsoleteFilename.html these will all be changed also.

The lower pair of find and replace boxes are much more useful because they are purpose built for link replacements: Enter the filename only in this version, then select the link type (i.e. href=" src=" background=" @import url(", window.open(' or any other valid link type and WMW assumes that the text you have entered in the 'Find Text' and 'Replace With' boxes are both valid filenames and selectively replaces only those that appear in this kind of hypertext link.

NOTE:- Its a good idea to use WMW's 'Word count' feature to check which documents will be effected by the changes and back things up regularly because mistakes can be time consuming to correct.

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