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Page Mover

I'm not sure that page mover is the best name for this functionality because it doesn't actually move pages around your site. However it can be very helpful if you want to move a page or any file from one part of your sites directory structure to another because it can be used to 'automagically' fix all the hypertext links and file paths that would otherwise be broken as a result of the move.

To move a page from one directory to another I would normally use WMW's 'hard wire' option to create a copy of the page that has all of the file paths converted into absolute references. Next I would copy this page to the desired new location. And perhaps use WMW's 'soft wire' functionality to convert the absolute URL's back into relative URL's. This last step is optional because WMW's integrated web browser can convert absolute to relative on the fly and hence can navigate the local copy of my site even when all of the links specify the full http://domain/path/file.html. I can be sure that this particular page contains no broken links because absolute URL's allways point to the same location regardless of the location of the page that contains them. However if I now delete or temporaly rename the original version of the page and run the link checker, typically I get a long list of broken links in other pages that would still be quite time consuming to fix manually. The page mover locates and fixes these links!

Link Finder

The page mover allows you to run the code that searches all your pages for links that point to a particular file in isolation as a 'link finder'. When you do this none of your links are modified. Instead, WMW gives you a list of all the pages that contain links to this file along with a list of all the pages that don't. Any selected list item can be opened in any of your 3rd party editors or web browsers with a singe mouse click.

If for some reason you want to change all the links to the specified file in all pages except one: Run the link finder, remove the files that you DON'T want edited from the list of pages that DO contain links. Then run the link replacer with the 'source from list' option selected.

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