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Webmasters Weaponry Browser Interface

Webmasters weaponry can interface with as many browsers and html editors as you would like. As supplied it only knows about your default browser, the Webmasters Weaponry Browser and notepad. However you can add as many 3rd party browsers, web page editors etc to the list as you like. Double click on any of the listed source files, in any of WMW's lists to open the file using the browser of editor selected in this list. Alternatively clickng the 'open source' button has the same effect. In the example below it will open c:\BIZ\machinehead.www\web_tools\interface_2_browser_editor.html. The 'open target' button will open a file of the same name in your output sub directory if it has been created. I.e. c:\BIZ\machinehead.www\web_tools\WMW\interface_2_browser_editor.html in the screenshot below.

Click to learn about WMW's integrated web browser Webmasters Weaponry browser interface

The file combo's for filtering the list of files by extension, and output sub directory (and all of WMW's other file combos!) work in exactly the same way as the 'default editor' filecombo mentioned above. Certain items can be removed from the lists but will reappear next time you start run the program. By default WMW knows about HTML and HTM files because these are what the program was designed to work with... Same goes for 'default browser', and notepad in the default editor combo and various hypertext link types, domains, protocols etc in the various tabs that form the lower part of WMW's interface (not shown).

The 'domain' and 'output sub directory' file combos are only visible when WMW needs this extra information. I.e. domain is only required for making redirector pages, and rewiring hypertext links. Output directory is only required when WMW writes a modified/new file on your hard disk. (I.e. everything except the word count and word statistics tabs).

The Lower Half Of the Webmasters Weaponry Interface

The lower half of WMW's interface offers the following functionality:
Creation Of Redirector Pages | File Conversion | Global Automated text Replacement | Word or Phrase Count | Word Count Statistics | Link Rewire / re-mapping

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