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The webmasters weaponry toolkit will automatically create three different basic styles of redirector page offering decreasing levels of subtlety from left to right. These redirector pages can either all point to the same target home page, or each can point to its counterpart with the same file name and location at the new domain.

Soft Redirectors #1

This is the most subtle option. WMW simply inserts the meta redirect tag into the header of each new copy of each page.
The redirect meta tag takes the following form:
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="60; URL=http://www.new-domain.com/filename.html">
Where 60 is the number of seconds to delay before the browser refreshes with the new URL (www.new-domain.com/filename.html). NOTE:- I am not aware of any browsers that don't support this meta tag, but some only support a maximum of 60 seconds.

You can do this by hand of course, but WMW will create an entire directory full of redirectors much more quickly and conveniently. Because this is such a well supported tag (I have yet to try a browser that doesn't support it), it is anticipated that most search engine robots will be smart enough to recognise it and will ignore the rest of the page and catalogue the new domain instead. But those that aren't so clever will still follow all those relative URL's. Wasting the search engines processing power, and sending a rather ambiguous message regarding which version of the site should be listed and which should be dropped. This option and #2 are intended for use in conjunction with WMW's hypertext link rewiring - using both together ought to accelerate the process of getting the new domain listed in these instances.

Soft Redirectors #2

This is similar to '#1' except a very short standard message is also inserted at the top of the visible part of each page:

MachineHead Software Home Page

This site has mooved - you will be automatically redirected to http://www.machinehead-software.co.uk/index.html in 60 seconds if your browser supports this.

Otherwise please click this link to view the latest version of the "MachineHead Software Home Page" page at its new location

The example in the white box above was generated from my home page. WMW has extracted the text "Machinehead Software Home Page" from in between the <title></title> tags. If you haven't put in ant title tags then (tut tut tut use them!) WMW will use the text that you have entered in the 'Title Substitute' box instead.

Any text, HTML markup and hypertext links you enter in the 'optional message' box ges inserted between the above message and the original page content - This will be the same on every modified page.

Here is an example page created from the page you are currently reading and renamed to avoid conflicts.

Hard Redirectors

This option creates a very basic style of redirector page. The <title> is extracted from each document and reused as above. A standard message with hypertext links based upon this text (similar to #2) is constructed. The big difference is this version throws away everything else from the original page...

Here is an example page created from the page you are currently reading and renamed to avoid conflicts.

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