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Webmasters Weaponry - Word Phrase Or Link Count

WMW's word phrase or link count is what us programmers refer to as a string search. In the above example it has searched for all instances of "tools" anywhere in any part of all of the web pages in my web_tools directory, regardless of case, regardless of whether these characters appear as discrete words separated by space characters or as part of another larger word. So instances of things like "nigelsCYCLING SftwAreTOoLS" are also counted as valid 'hits'.

Not particularly amazing I hear you say - Windows will do that for free! But WMW has produced two lists instead of one. The upper one lists the pages where the phrase or keyword has been found, along with the number of instances of the keyword(s), ranked in order of the number of occurrences. The lower list contains a list of the pages that DO NOT contain these keywords. Its a nice quick way to find all the pages that perhaps ought to contain the keyword and check it out. Doubleclick on any of the three file lists to open the page in the web browser or editor of your choice.

The word counter can be case sensitive or case insensitive and will optionally restrict its search to body txt, meta keywords, meta description, title (i.e. between the <title> and </title> tags of each web page), or anywhere in the header only. By default it searches everything in a case insensitive manner.

Frequently used 'keywords' can be added to the file list box and saved for convenience later on. Some useful ones include:
<meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE">
Without this tag in the header your site is deemed to have 'opted in' to a scheme where certain Microsoft products automatically overlay links. So for example you might find every instance of words like beef and meat on your vegitarian site overlaid with links to a Microsoft sponsoured slaughter house!
How many of my pages contain email addresses in a form that is easy for the spam bots to harvest?
Pulls back all the pages that link to other sites
Pulls back all the pages that contain drop down lists
Is this big graphic still in use, or can I delete it and make some space?

The list is potentially rather long and the point I am trying to make is that this isn't just a keyword counter for search engine optimisation purposes (honest its not!). A user armed with a good working knowledge of HTML will find a great many better uses for it.

Tag counting is another good example. Most HTML tags come in pairs and some browsers are more forgiving than others when a closing tag is missing. HTML tables are a very good example i.e. Count the number of occurences of the opening tags <TABLE, <TR or <TD and it ought to be the same as the number of occurences of the closing tags </TABLE>, </TR> or </TD> respectively. Obviously it doesn't confirm that they occur in the correct order, or that they are nested correctly, but its still a nice quick check that can reveal some potential problems with your HTML.

Its also a good idea to use this before running any global replacements with the text replacer. If the string of characters you have entered appears in any pages where you would not expect them to be found, you might be about to cause a problem by replacing things that should be left alone.

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