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Machinehead Software - Bespoke Programming and Web Design Services

Machinehead Software is a programming and web design consultancy based in Bristol UK, with its roots in Bicycle software, humour and miscellaneous downloads.

Various other software products are currently under development by Nigel Jones and the programming team include some music software and web developers tools.

Consultants Services

Contact me at:

Existing Products

Bicycle Software (Visual Basic Applications)

GearCalc | PowerCalc | LevelCalc | WheelCalc | CrankCalc | ChainLengthCalc

Miscellaneous Downloads (Visual Basic Applications)

Web Masters Weaponry | Music Player | DoshCalc | Wind Chill Calculator | Windows Screen Savers | Vulgar Fractions | Su Doko

Miscellaneous Downloads (Javascript Applications)

Abacus | Puzzle | S-p-a-m Reduction Script | Traffic Cone Invasion | Quick Draw Contest | Virtual Reality Electrocution | Shopping Cart System | OXO

Sports/Cyclists Software (Javascript Applications)

BMI Calculator | Body Fat Percentage Calculator | Crank Length Calculator | Speed, Distance, Time Calculators | Heart Rate Calculator | Bicycle Chain Length Calculator

Other Services

Link Testing Service

Other Products

Traffic Cone Tee Shirts

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