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There are currently no job vacancies at Machinehead Software. Nigel Jones has determined that the existing team of programmers, web page designers, analysts, and testers is sufficient for the time being. Feel free to bookmark this page in case the situation changes.

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Bicycle Software (Visual Basic Programs)

GearCalc | PowerCalc | LevelCalc | WheelCalc | CrankCalc | ChainLengthCalc

Miscellaneous Downloads (Visual Basic Programs)

Web Masters Weaponry | Music Player | DoshCalc | Wind Chill Calculator | Windows Screen Savers | Vulgar Fractions | Su Doko

Miscellaneous Downloads (Javascript Programs)

Abacus | Puzzle | S-p-a-m Reduction Script | Traffic Cone Invasion | OXO | Shopping Cart System

Sports/Cyclists Software (Javascript Programs)

Body Fat Percentage Calculator | BMI Calculator | Crank Length Calculator | Speed, Distance, Time Calculators | Heart Rate Calculator | Bicycle Chain Length Calculator

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