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Wind Chill Calculator iconWind Chill CalculatorWind Chill Calculator graphic

ChillCalc is the Machinehead Software Wind Chill Calculator. In an ambient temperature of about 5 degrees centigrade, a wind speed of 22mph will make one feel much colder. It will feel like about -7 degrees. This program calculates wind chill equivalent temperatures using the Siple-Passel method ( J.C. Dixon and M.J.Prior, Wind-chill indices - a review, The Meteorological Magazine, No 1374, Jan 1987, vol 116). This is based on measurements of the time taken to freeze 250 gm of water in a 5.7cm diameter by 15 cm high plastic cylinder at various wind speeds and temperatures. The Siple-Passel equation was originally used to predict conditions likely to produce frostbite on military exercises:

This program is also supplied as a component of the PowerCalc cyclists power calculator

Wind chill calculator graphic

Below is a stand alone version for those who aren't interested in bicycling:
Download full install for the (16 bit)wind chill calculator 300KB
Alternatively if you have already installed any of my other 16 bit Windows software: Download program file only (5KB)

System Requirements (16 bit)

An IBM compatible 386 or better, running Windows 3.1x, Windows '95, '98, ME, NT

32 Bit Wind Chill Calculator

An installation set for the wind chill calculator in 32 bit can be downloaded from: (1.416MB)

System Requirements (32 bit)

Pentium class computer running Windows 95 or later

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