Alien Traffic Cone Daleks from the planet ring road EXTERMINATE!
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Alien Dalek Traffic Cones from the planet ring road EXTERMINATE!

Alien Traffic Cone Invaders From The Planet Ring Road

Traffic cones: Are they just cheap plastic crap, strewn around the roads and highways of England by the Council? Or are they a sinister race of extraterrestrial aliens on a mission, to bring the planet Earth to a standstill?

A Cone from the planet ring road,  showing its true extraterrestrial nature - A deadly invader from an alien tarmac planet in a distant galaxy. Graphic by Antonio Click the Cone's shadow to learn more about Traffic Cone stealth technology Click the Traffic Cone to see the Aliens invade

The True Alien Nature Of Road Cones

To the left is a rare picture that shows the true origin and nature of road cones. Far from being cute conical characters, they are actually an evil race of deadly invaders from outer space who are developing weapons of mass destruction and stealth technology and are hell bent on world domination.

The Invasion Of Planet Earth Begins

A colony of cones from the planet ring road. The infestation from outer space begins Like any army of occupation the extraterrestrial invasion force knows that the first step is to destroy the enemies communications. The essence of good camouflage is to keep very still. Alien Cones are very good at this. Mostly they favour the defensive military formation known as "the thin red line", sometimes they employ more aggressive tactics.

Alien Cone Sex and Reproduction

Very little is known for sure about the sexual habits of road cones. The picture on the right is believed to be a pair of Cones mating. We can deduce from this evidence that male cones have the characteristic white reflective band around the middle. Females do not. Also Cone soldiers are mainly male, much like soldiers on Earth.

The dark markings around the base of the female are assumed to indicate that she is on heat. Sometimes lots of traffic cones gather for a sex orgy.

A pair of cones from the planet ring road making love? Click the cones to view the traffic cone sex orgy! Traffic Cone Sex Orgy

How Can We Rid The Planet Of The Evil Traffic Cone Menace?

Cones are known to be very gregarious creatures. A Cone alone will always seek the company of other cones. This can be rather difficult if you can only move around when no one is looking! Consequently a number of casualties have occurred (see below). It is possible that a cone that is deprived of the company of other Cones for long enough will simply die of coneliness.

A dead cone from the planet ring road. They can be killed! A dead alien life form from the planet ring road. They can be killed! This one died of loneliness A dead extraterrestrial from the planet ring road, in a distant galaxy. They can be killed! This alien died from boredom

Dead Alien Invaders?

Click Cone The Destroyer to view the traffic cone invasion Traffic Cone Invaders

But are the evil invaders pictured above really dead?

It could be that they are just resting, or simply pining for outer space. They could be simply tired and shagged out after a long bonk. Cone mating rituals have been observed to last for weeks!

Perhaps they are just dormant. If so watch out because one false move, or possibly one predetermined signal from the flying saucer and voom!

Suddenly the cute and inanimate cones pictured above become activated. The deadly metamorphosis begins and the evil invader changes into........

Cone The Destroyer

Countdown To World Domination By Evil Alien Cones

When the invaders have brought the roads and highways of the planet to a complete standstill and figured out how to climb a staircase: They will have paved the way for world domination.

Time remaining to traffic cone world domination:
Days remaining to traffic cone world domination:
Current Date (m/d/y) & Time (h:m:s):

Conical Quotes Of Our Time

"You are never alone with a Cone" - Ian Jarrett
"The only good Cone is a dead Cone" - Antonio Amato
"I know... Its road block and roll.. But I like it" - The Rolling Cones
"A Cone is for life, not just for Christmas" - RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Aliens)
"The only good Cone is an ice cream cone" - Nigel Jones

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