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Nest of traffic cones lurking at the end of my road Click for traffic cone invasion Click for road cone invasion Click for highway cone invasion Click for traffic cone invasion Click for road cone invasion This group of traffic cones has appeared at the end of the road where I live. As usual the cones are a blur of frenzied motionless inactivity, but they appear to have made a nest using road signs and traffic barriers. At least eight other individual cones are lurking at strategic points on the pavements and in peoples gardens but I haven't photographed these for bandwidth reasons. I'm feeling distinctly uneasy. Have the Traffic Cones been monitoring my web site? Are they hatching an evil plan to come and get me?

"Smart" Traffic Cones Educated At Bristol University

Closeup of nest of traffic cones lurking at the end of my road showing University of Bristol sign Click on the group of cones to learn more about the clever traffic cones from the planet ring road Click to visit the Bristol University site A close up of the sign reveals that these 'smart' traffic cones may have come from Bristol University car park. You can't get much smarter than that can you. Perhaps the Cones were educated there, perhaps they are simply lost. Certainly they are a couple of miles away from the university. The sign does say 'Category B' so perhaps they aren't quite as clever as 'Category A' Cones. How much more proof do you need to show that the traffic cones are wandering around on their own! My knee jerk reaction would be to call up some surgical strikes to rid Bristol of the evil tyranny of the traffic cones. But I live here [gulp]! Obviously some covert action by the Cyclists Resistance Movement (CRM) is needed.....

"Enough research will usually support your theory"

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