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Angry traffic cone by Nigel Jones
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Rocket Propelled Cones (RPC)

The traffic cop on the left is armed with a pistol. The traffic cop on the right is believed to be part of an elite SWAT (Specialist Weapons And Traffic-cones) team testing a new hand held rocket propelled cone (RPC) launching system. The faces are obscured just in case they are involved with the CRM (Cyclists Resistance Movement).

Using the magic of Internet software we have organised a virtual reality quick draw contest to prove the superiority of the traffic cone system over conventional weapons. Click the button below to start the quick draw contest:

Traffic Cone Cop Traffic Cone Cop
Traffic Cone laser Click the Traffic Cones to see them invade
Traffic Cone Cop Traffic Cone Cop

When a man with an automatic pistol meets a man with a traffic cone, the man with the automatic is purple goo!

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