Welcome To The Machinehead Weapons Emporium

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Need to defeat a tinpot dictator, rob a bank, or embark on a quest for world domination? Want to go on a crusade, start a jihad, or liberate some oil fields and export democracy? You have come to the right place. Here at the weapons emporium we can supply all the modern tools of democratic regime change.

The Machinehead weapons emporium is the ideal place to buy everything you need to settle a dispute with the neighbours, start world war three, cull the killer frogs , or even commute across Bristol's rush hour on a bicycle!

If you are planning to declare war on the evil alien cones, and thwart their plans for world domination then you are going to need light weapons, heavy weapons and specialist weapons. Get them here - kill a cone today!

Here at the weapons emporium we have big guns, small guns, lots of heavy ordanance and even weapons of mass destruction at prices that you won't believe. Our smart bombs are so advanced that they have become self aware!