Beware of frog
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On yer bike
Beware of the giant man eating frogs

Beware Of The Frog

Terrified cyclists have erected this sign on the Bristol to Bath Bicycle Track to warn other riders about the legendary "Killer Frog Of Fishponds". Local folklore has it that a giant frog called Grendle is due to emerge from hibernation. Legend has it that the giant frog hibernates for about 80 years on average. Last time the frog appeared it ate a railway carriage full of passengers (the cycle path is a disused railway), then went on a spawning frenzy that local people would prefer to forget. Its last appearance was 1st April 1921 so it is technically overdue - and hungry.

The Killer Frogs Lair

Beware of the legendary killer frog of Fishponds

Recent Froggy Sightings

I have only ever seen one frog on the cycle track. It was a couple of years ago (1st April 1999). It was smaller than my fist and it made a very satisfying pop when it got squashed under the front tyre of my bicycle. So much better than bubblewrap!

Froggies Revenge!

After a good spawning frenzy, millions of tadpoles will grow into thousands of frogs. These froggy spawn of Grendle will all decide to leave the pond on the same wet and rainy night. The frogs will all cross the cycle path on the corner like a vast slippery amphibian carpet across the bend. Froggies revenge! Cyclists Beware!

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Photograph by Nigel Jones purveyor of Bicycle Software March 2001