Bicycle Track Photos
Bicycle Track Photos

The Sustrans Most Famous Cycle Path

This is my favourite ride. Lots of nice smooth tarmac, gentle gradients, and no cars. The Bristol to Bath cycle path (also known as the Bath to Bristol Cycle Path) has become something of a tourist attraction. I have met riders from as far away as Australia and Columbia here. Although South Gloucestershire Council have recently 'enhanced the environment' by building a new ring road through it! It's still not a bad ride (except for one small barely perceptible gradient), a few more blind corners, a couple of extra bridges over the ring road and of course a couple of short stretches that run along side the ring road.

Click here to see the "improvements" by South Gloucestershire Council when they were in progress.

Some Views Of The Bristol - Bath Cycle Track
Bristol & Bath railway path Bristol & Bath cycle path Bristol & Bath bicycle path
Bristol & Bath bike path cycle path Bristol & Bath bike path
cycle track Bristol & Bath cycle track Bristol & Bath cycle track - no cars
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