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The Bristol - Bath Cycle Path. No Cars! No Horse Shit!

There are conflicting rumours about the presence of burned out cars like this one on the Bristol and Bath Railway Path:

  1. Some say they are just part of the council's famous sculpture trail.
  2. Others maintain that the driver of this car was ambushed by hoards of angry cyclists and eco warriors.
  3. Perhaps it was put there by Martians *giggle*
  4. Or perhaps it was simply dumped by a "joy rider" (a type 'pond life').
I like the second two rumours so much that I feel compelled to spread them ;-)

As you can see the 'Lone Ranger' and 'Tonto' have arrived in the nick of time to prevent the car from rusting away completely. Although there is a "No Horses" sign further down the path the police horses are specially trained not to shit in public places....

Two Riders Who Don't Need A Bicycle Gear Calculator

A pair of horses arses

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Click here to see how the path is being "improved" by South Gloucestershire Council

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