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The Railway Tunnel - Lights out at 8pm!

This tunnel is a welcome sight on very hot or cold days. In the summer it is refreshingly cool, in winter its always a degree or so warmer than outside. Riders planning an evening ride are advised to put some lights on the bike though. The council in its ultimate wisdom have decided that the lights will be turned off at night! And I am talking about all the lights here, not just the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Picture of the railway tunnel on the Bristol - Bath Cycle Track. Click to return to thumbnails

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The railway line is a bicycle path now and there haven't been any trains through this tunnel for years. But is claimed that on dark stormy nights you can still hear the chatting of the choo choo (25kb mp3 file).

Click here to see how the path is being "improved" by South Gloucestershire Council
Click here to see the other side of the tunnel

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