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Top Tips For Cyclists

  1. Watch out for crappy tubes: Some manufacturers are not making presta valve housings correctly. They have stopped removing the threads from the outside of the housing at the position where the pump seals around it. The problem is widespread and not just one make: I.e. Raleigh, Michelin, GT, Specialized et al - WAKE UP!!!! I can't buy a decent tube anywhere in Bristol!
    Update:- 30/10/98 I just bought some Michelin tubes with good valve housings. So it looks like they have sorted out their act at last. I don't know about the other manufacturers. I don't have time to do a survey, so the advise to have a good look first remains the same.
  2. Consult a coach: Anyone considering doing a lot of hard cycle training would do well to seek the advice of a properly qualified coach (not me). Preferably a member of the Association of British Cycling Coaches or similar reputable organization. - I will add more links to various reputable cycling and coaching organizations world-wide as the information becomes available.
  3. Read the BCF Training Guidelines: Copies of this document are often given away free by ABCC Coaches. I have scanned the document for those who can't run LevelCalc.
  4. Did you know: A tyre stuffed with grass will get you perhaps a mile or so in an emergency.
  5. Look after your arse! Saddle sores can be prevented.
  6. Did you know: A 700C*25 Roadie tube will work in a mountain bike tyre in an emergency. This could well get you all the way home although I don't recommend it as normal practice.
  7. Pick the bits of glass out of your tyres: Its a good idea to do this every two hundred miles or so (and don't chuck the glass back in the road!) because each sliver of glass is a puncture waiting to happen. If you have a track pump to re-inflate the tyre quickly, this is not a long job. So much easier than messing around with levers and patches at the side of the road.
  8. When crossing a one way street: You can save time by only checking in one direction - Augustus Windsock, St Werbergs, Bristol - (1st Jan 2000)
  9. When crossing a one way street: You should check both directions, just in case a large furniture van is reversing - Augustus Windsock, Bristol Royal Infirmary - (31st Jan 2000)
  10. Eat loadsa pasta
  11. Worn out bike chain? A quick and easy test
  12. Don't eat yellow snow: When out on a cold winters day one should be aware of the movements of small furry animals ........ Huskies in particular..........
  13. If you want to get fit: Don't get a job as a programmer!
  14. Don't buy cheap bike mechanics tools
  15. Avoid bicycle lock rails:
  16. Beware Of Giant Man Eating Frogs
  17. Watch out for the deadly Stealth Cones

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