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The Ultra Light Mountain Bike

Ultra Light Mountain Bike

I know that the cheapest way to make your bike lighter is to remove all unnecessary accessories, but this is extreme! Unnecessary weight seems to include pedals, cranks, gears, front wheel, saddle, forks and rear wheel hub. Even the spokes have been lightened, apparently with a hacksaw. I wonder if the rider competes in the kind of off road events where the terrain is so difficult that its quicker to pick up the bike and run. I reckon he ought to be able to run faster with a wheel rim and tyre over one shoulder and the frame over the other than with a complete bike!

Rumour has it that the missing components were eaten by evil alien traffic cones. If these rumours are true then they probably ate the rider also, because this has been gradually loosing weight for at least six months!

Perhaps the rider simply lost his key. If so, its a great advert for the security of bicycle 'D' Locks, and the councils bicycle rails.

Perhaps it was moths......Metal Moths

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