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What Bristols Vehicle Inspectorate Are Doing For Cyclists

Vehicle inspectorate sign - click for a close up This is Bristol's vehicle inspectorate building, known to the natives as Berkeley House. It is surrounded by lots of nice railings that are ideal for securing bicycles to. Unfortunately it looks like the manderins wish to start a collection of bikes - hence the sign on the railings. Mmmm I have just been looking at The FenceMaster's site and I can't help wondering..... Anyone got an old ironing board?

STOP PRESS! Vechicle Inspectorate gets shiny new four letter name!

The Vehicle Inspectorate is now (March 2004) called VOSA (Vehicle & Operator Services Agency) click here to learn more about VOSA

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Photo by Nigel JonesAug 2001 Don't mess with Nigel he's a registered voter!