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What Bristols Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) Are Doing For Cyclists

VOSA sign - click for a close up This is Bristol's VOSA building, known to the natives as Berkeley House and formerly the Vehicle Inspectorate. It is surrounded by lots of nice railings that are ideal for securing bicycles to. Unfortunately it looks like the manderins are still collecting bicycles - hence the sign on the railings. I wrote my original Vehicle Inspectorate page because I was inspired by The FenceMaster's site. There are two things I don't understamd though:
  1. Why do they want to prevent cyclists from locking bicycles to the railings?
  2. Who on earth would actually want to lock his bike to these railings? They aren't near anything worth visiting and bikes left chained to railings have a habbit of looking like this if you leave them too long!

Plus ça change. Plus c'est la même chose.
(The more that things change, the more they stay the same)

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Photo by Nigel JonesMarch 2004 Don't mess with Nigel he's a registered voter!