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Links to cycling organisations, shops, superstars, coaches, and search engines (The Chain Gang!)

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Worthy Cyclist's Organisations

Bicycle Links Graphic
Bicycle Links Graphic
Road Time Trials Council  Coaching information, upcoming events, results etc. Nationwide.
Association of British Cycling Coaches  There is a clue in the name.
British Cycling
European Cycling Federation
International Cycling Union  Also known as the Union Cycliste International They also have some French pages en francais
Irish Cycling Federation  Well worth a look.
Scottish Cycling Federation It's the porrage that makes 'um fly!
Welsh Cycling Union
Welsh Cycling Association
Australian Time Trials Association  G'day sport!
Audax UK
League of Veteran Racing Cyclists Here's one for the grey haired brigade.
The Irish Veteran Cyclists Association
United States Cycling Federation
Canadian Cycling Association
British Columbia Cycling Association
Tandem Club
Manchester Velodrome Pssst! wanna break a world record?
International Human Powered Vehicle Association Lots of cool stuff
The British Human Power Club Loads more cool stuff
Road Records Association
Northern Road Records Association
The Canadian Professional Coaches Association (CPCA)
Fixed Wheel Club (this one is just for you!)
National Sports Institute (UK)
The Sustrans  Builders of cycle paths all over the U.K.
Sustrans National Cycle Network
USA Cycling Online
Bristol Cycling Campaign
London Cycling Campaign
Central Indiana Bicycling Association
League of Americian Bicyclists
Rough Stuff Fellowship
Association of Cycle Traders
Bicycle User Groups
Cycle West UK
Cyclists Rights Action Group Austrailia
International Paralympic Committee Cycling Home Page
British Schools Cycling Association
British Triathlon Association
South West Region BMX Racing UK
Federation Cycliste Wallonie - Bruxelles
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Tour De France

The latest news from the Tour De France.
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Cycling Coaches

Malcom Firth Senior Coach of the Association of British Cycling Coaches.
Martin Shakeshaft Another ABCC Senior Coach
Chris Carmichael USA Training info from Lance Armstrong's Coach
International Cycling Coaches Cool site from four of Canada's top cycling coaches
Dr. Richard Rafoth USA Coaching information from an expert in the field of sports nutrition
Dr. Auriel Forrester UK
Coach Carl USA
Bikekwick-Trifast Coaching Australia
John Bingham (Triathlon coach)
Carmichael Coaching Systems USA
Dr. Michele Farrari (Italy)
Hamish Ferguson New Zealand
Troy Jacobson USA
Roger Marquis
Bill Mitchell Australia
Prime Coaching (UK)
Radsport Technic USA
Richard Stern UK
Wenzel Coaching USA
Skip Spangenburg USA
Joe Beer UK
Colorado Premier Training USA
Eddie Bright New Zealand
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Cycling Clubs

San Fairy Ann Cycling Club (Kent)
Bristol MTB
Bristol South Cycling Club
Hinckley Cycle Racing Club
Bath University Cycling Club
Ashford Wheelers Cycling Club
Ludlow Cycling Club
MakeShift Bicycle Club (Minnesota - USA)
Old Portlians Cycle Club
Clifton Cycling Club, York
Surrey League
Severn Road Club
Greenville Spinners
West Suffolk Wheelers
Beacon Roads Cycling Club
Johnstone Wheelers (Scotland)
BMX Bandits (Northern Ireland)
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Cycling Super Stars

Chris Hoy
Chris Boardman
Graeme Obree
Sean Kelly
Dave Millar
Lance Armstrong
Tony Rominger
Mario Cipollini
Marco Pantani
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Other Interesting Stuff

Cycling Science
Sport Science
Sports Science Abstracts
British Journal of Sports Medicine
Bicycle Touring Zone
Bob Kish
Bicycle Polo
Rare Bike Bits
Metallurgy For Cyclists
Herne Hill Velodrome (London)
Psychological Tests
Cycling Teams
Journal of Exercise Physiology
Why don't we fall off?
Race Across America
Newtons Apple
Alf & Maria's 24hr static tandem record
Ice Bikes
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Miscellaneous Links

Met Office
Ordnance Survey
Cycle Maps UK
Belgian Cycling
Mountain Bike Militia
Spike Bike
Save The World with 'Proffessor Kayoss'
Birmingham In The Saddle
Simon Nuttall's Bicycling Page
Daniel Colyer's Cycling Site
Weird Cycle Lanes
Bike Stories
Motion RampPark - Bristol UK
Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang
Andy Urwin's rocket powered MTB
Jet powered Pennyfarthing!
Bicycling Life
The Unicycle Pages
Tricycle Association
Velo Travels
OCD Cycloclimbing
MTB Journal
Team Bikeaholics
Rat Patrol
Roy Gardiner
Hungry Cyclist
Two Wheels to China
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Commercial Cycling Links

Bike Shops in the Bristol & Bath Area
Bicycling Software
Alex Moulton Bicycles
Raleigh Bikes
Allens Cycles
Dawes Cycles
Donohue Cycles
M Steel Cycles
BMD Wheel building machines
Cycle Web
Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op
Bicycles in glass
Cycling Books
Roe Valley Cycles
RTB Cycle Maintenance
St John Street Cycles
Dave Mellor Cycles
Dave Lloyd Bikesport
Dave Hinde
Deeside Cycles
Race Scene
Carradice Panniers
Bikes and Bits
Corrado Frames
Lemond Bikes
Cycle Aid personal injury compensation
DT Spokes
Mavic Rims
Park Tools
Budget Bikes
The Chopperdrome Amsterdam
On One Bikes
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Bicycle Gears

Highpath Transmission Specialists
White Industries
Gear Calculator
Page Index

Bike Computers And Instrumentation

Sigma Sport
Page Index

Cycling Press And News Sites

Cycling Weekly (IPC Magazines)
Cycling Plus (Future Publishing)
Cycling Today
Velo News
Recumbent News
Echelon Velo
North East Cycling - UK
Pro Cycling
Cycling News
Velo City
Cycle Gossip
Geert Nachtergaele's News and links site

Bicycle Touring (Personal Sites)

Bicycle Fish
Ken Keifer's bike pages
Chuck Anderson's Cycle Touring Pages
MS Bike Tours
Crazy guy on a bike
Björn's Pushbike Site
Mike Grants Tour
Matthew Chachere
Team Snail
Josie Dew
Tom Swenson's cycle touring pages
Paul & Grace's bicycle travels

Bicycle Touring (Commercial Sites)

Britain for Cyclists
Sporting Tours
Bicycle Beano
Touring in South West England
Cycletracks Scotland
The Chain Gang - Touring in France
Bicycle Touring in Scotland
Pacific Blue Cycling Tours (California)
Byways Breaks
Sports Trails
Bike Pyrenees
Cycling In Thailand
Touring in Holland
Cycling in North Cumbria
Bicycling by Train
Bicycle Touring in Ireland
Fernando Carvalho Training Tours Portugal
Tourism in South West England
Far and Away Cycling (Spain, Corsica, Laos, Mexico)

Search Engines

Bicycle Links Graphic
Bicycle Links Graphic

If you would like me to link your site here then me with your URL and a brief description of your site. I will include more links here as the information becomes available to me, and as time (and my enormous phone bill) permits. Important please read this before sending me email. Please help by me with details of any dead links.

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