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English bicycle shops in the Bristol and Bath area
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English bike shops in the Bristol and Bath area Created by Nigel Jones Miscellaneous Downloads
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Cycling Links In The Bristol And Bath Area

Links to my local bicycle shops, frame builders, and to the bicycle trade generally in the Bristol and Bath Area

Bike Shop Links

Argos Racing Cycles Bristol based frame builder with an enviable reputation for quality. I have met quite a few of his customers on the road. All have expressed satisfaction with the bikes that Chris has built for them. I want one too!
Bike Bristol: Usual selection of bikes and bicycling gear etc.. Helpful friendly staff.
Bristol Bike Workshop Traditional bicycle repair shop near Bristol city centre.
Webbs of Warmley Traditional bike shop just off the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path. Helpful friendly staff.
Mud Dock Bristol: Top of range MTB stuff with a cafe above the shop
Fred Baker Bristol: Usual selection of bikes and cycling gear. Particularly sprockets! Also runs a racing team. The proprietor was part of the inspiration for the Gear Ratio Calculator
Total Fitness Bath's triathlon specialists: A rather small shop, but crammed full of performance goodies. The proprietor is also an accomplished triathlete, and a nice bloke.
Avon Valley Cyclery Bath: The usual selection of bikes and cyclists gear. Also recumbent and folding bikes specialist. The proprietor is a very pleasant bloke, and a well qualified mechanical engineer.
Dave Bater Cycles At the bottom of Park Street. Close to Bristol city centre.
Garland Cycles Bristol: Usual selection of bicycles spare parts and clothing. Helpful friendly staff.
Pembury Cycles New bicycle shop recently opened on Bristol's Gloucester Road
Psyclewerx New bicycle shop recently opened in Cotham (Bristol)
Ashton Cycle Centre South Bristol
Terrys Cycles (Yate - North Bristol)

More Links

It appears that Bristols bike shop proprietors are all too mean to link me back or even give me any discount on spare parts in return for the free advertising that I have provided for them. But rather than take this page down I decided to include a some extra advertising for some of my own cyclists products below.

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