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Traffic Cones Attack Policeman

Angry traffic cone by Nigel Jones
Traffic Cone Cop Traffic Cone Cop
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Traffic Cone Cop Traffic Cone Cop

Carnivorous Traffic Cones?

Are these traffic cones attempting to eat the cops hand and forearm? If so it must mean that the Cones are smart enough to avoid the cops bullet proof, knife proof and traffic cone proof vest and go straight for his unprotected flesh. The Cop's face has been digitally obscured just in case he is part of the highly secret Traffic Cone Response Squad (TCRS) SWAT team or the CRM (Cyclists Resistance Movement).

Intimate Body Search?

If the cop is part of the TCRS or part of a British SWAT team then he is in no danger from the cones. The officer has been specially trained and is simply performing an intimate body search in the hopes of finding some WMD. Possibly the officer has simply shoved his truncheon where the sun doesn't shine in order to make the cone talk. Don't try this at home kids - the cone could have your hand off!

Cops carring guns as protection against the traffic cone menace Click on the pistol to visit the weapons emporium

Specialist Weapons And Trafficcones (SWAT)

As you can see the British police are so worried about the threat of attack from evil alien traffic cones that they are now routinely carrying guns on the streets of Bristol for self protection.

Other rumours suggest that the top picture shows the policeman testing a new and secret alien traffic cone laser weapon.

Other reports suggest that the SWAT cop is testing a new and deadly hand held Rocket Propelled Traffic Cone launching system.

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