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Traffic Cones Building Supergun

On a diverted section of the Bristol To Bath cycle path, the Traffic Cones are apparently constructing a supergun from large diameter piping. As you can see the perimeter has been fenced off and is guarded by Traffic Cone sentries.

Traffic Cones Building Supergun on Bristol - Bath Cycle Path Diversion Click to learn about the Traffic Cones More Traffic Cone info More information about the Evil Traffic Cone threat Evil Cone Trraffic cone sentry guarding ths super gun

The traffic Cones would like us to believe that the sections of pipe are for an oil pipeline. But everyone knows that there isn't any oil in Bath, or Bristol , or anywhere in southwest England. Obviously it is the barrel for some seriously heavy artillery... We should declare a War on Cones. They will be interrogated by the CRM and their evil plans for world domination descovered.

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