Bicycle Track Photos
Bicycle Track Photos

Jurassic Bridge

Location: Approximately 10.4 miles from the Bristol end of the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path.
Description: Known to the locals as Jurassic Bridge. Ancient sedimentary rocks are exposed on both sides of the bridge. For those who think that sedimentary rock is a kind of music played by very relaxed musicians: It is rock formed by layers of sediment (the silt, crap and dead things that fall to the ocean floor) that become compressed over milions of years. Fossil records show that about two hundred million years ago (late Triassic period i.e. Just before the Jurrasic 'T Rex' period and even older than Ozzy Osbourne!) the cycle path was a sea. The three large rocks in the foreground show the remains of fossilised Amonites (shell fish).

Jurassic bridge on the bristol bath cycle path and exposed ancient rocks containing fossils click to enlarge the rocks and view the fossils Click on the bike for bicycle software

Click here for the sound of some ancient rock! (32kb mp3 file)

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Photography by Nigel Jones 28th April 2005 Machinehead Home