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Did Martians Land On The Bristol To Bath Cycle Path?

The rumours that this bit of scorched earth on the Bristol & Bath Bicycle Path was created by the landing of a Martian spacecraft are completely untrue. Its simply the remains of a Burnt out car that was presumably towed away by the police. Or perhaps the aliens beamed it up. As you can see the scorch marks go straight up the tree *chuckle* How much evidence do you need?

This Scorched Earth Was Not The Result Of A Martian Landing

This scorched earth wasn't created by an alien spaceship or any kind of flying saucer or extraterrestrial activity

As far as I am aware there has never been any kind of alien landing on the Bristol and Bath Railway Path. In ten years of using the path I haven't seen any Martians, little green men from Sirius, bug eyed monsters from the Alpha Quadrant, Zogs from Uranus, or any other kind of extraterrestrial beings. Please consider this an official denial - There has never been any evidence of extraterrestrial activity on the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path.

I have seen some pretty strange cyclists and some 'Cones from the planet Ring Road' though..

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