Bicycle Track Graffiti

The photographs on this page are of some graffiti artwork that was sprayed onto the last bridge that you cross on the Bristol to Bath bicycle track before you get to Fishponds when cycling from Bristol towards Bath. I don't know who the artist or more likely the artists were. I have selectively included what I consider to be the best parts. If this is your art work please contact me for an acknowledgement.

You Get A Better Class Of Graffiti On The Cycle Track

Flying witch on broom stick Flying Witch On Broomstick This one makes me chuckle because I used to work with a nice lady systems analyst who liked to be known as the witch. Also she lives nearby and its not a bad likeness! Is this your art work Clare? If you haven't got a bike this looks like a great way to beat the traffic jams.
Chas? on flying carpet Flying Carpet Another great way to beat the traffic jams. Is this you Chas? Never seen you wearing a turban but the mobile phone strikes a chord! Long time no see - have you made good your escape from you know where yet?.
Einstein Downhill Einstein Down Hill Not such a great way to beat the traffic jams but as environmentally friendly as a bicycle and a cool bit of art.
Brian the snail Brian The Snail Much better than my snail mail graphic! Love the tongue. Is this you Mr. Savage? (If the snail was playing Quake I would be convinced!) Hope life is treating you well.

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Photography by Nigel Jones October 2003 Nigel Jones - registered voter