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The Bath End Of The Cyclists Track

At the Bath end of the Bristol to Bath cycle track two Traffic Cones are lurking. They are waiting for the chance to surprise passing cyclists with random acts of conical terrorism. They have apparently eaten the hedge and replaced it with a steel fence. (Here is what it was like before). The Traffic Cones take shifts in order to maintain a 24 hour guard. While one Cone Sleeps, the other lurks..... Cyclists beware!

Entrance to cycle track guarded by two traffic cones Click the cones to view Traffic Cone Invasion Click the sign to see some more signs

In addition to the Traffic Cone menace the sign on the gate suggests a new danger to cyclists safety on the track. Beware of low flying motorcycles!!!!!! Crash helmets are now reccomended for cyclists using the Bristol to Bath Cycle Track ;-)

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Photography by Nigel 'Gear Ratio' Jones June 2004 Registered voter