Traffic Cones from the planet ring road EXTERMINATE!
Traffic Cones from the planet ring road EXTERMINATE!

Traffic Cone Links

A coneucopia of links to Traffic Cone humour sites

Coolest Traffic Cones Pages On The Web

These links are all on my site! Gosh its so hard to be humble.

The Evil Alien Traffic Cones from the planet Ring Road
Traffic Cone Invasion Kill all the Traffic Cones before they invade!
Traffic Cone Torture Flip the power switch to electrocute the cone!
Evil Alien Traffic Cones Invade Siston Common
Traffic Cones World Domination Plans
Stealth Cones Invade Cycle Path
Rocket Propelled Cones

"Enough research will usually support your theory"

Traffic Cone Software

Traffic Cone Abacus Hi tech Abacus program that can optionally display cones instead of balls
Traffic Cone OXO Cheesy tic-tac-toe program that uses bicycles and traffic cones instead of noughts and crosses

Traffic Cone Paranoia Sites

Likeminded individuals who can see the Traffic Cones for what they really are. Evil invaders intent on bringing the planet to a stand still!

Kill a Traffic Cone today or it might lurk on your doorstep for ever!

Traffic Cones Invade Medical Center
Alien Cone Base
Urban Cones
Cone Wars
Evil Alien Cones
Cone Rebellion Virtual Outpost
Ian Vestigates Alien Traffic Cones

Miscellaneous Traffic Cone Humour

Cute Christmas Cone Cartoon by John Pritchet
Conical Cone Cartoons by Sandwich Van Breakdown
Alien Cone Eating Ice Hokey Players Brain A not very nutritious meal
Alien Traffic Cone Eating A Statue
Ned Coney - What else would you expect from the Aussies?
Johnny Highway Cone - Unwitting slave of the evil aliens distributing Traffic Cone seeds in the USA
Flocking Cones (Sad person who wants to make road workers redundent)
Cone Liberation Society
Dag Ågrens Wacky Cones and Concrete pigs
Cone Heads
Redirecting Traffic: A conical tale of 'The Fire Demon', the 'Young Evil One' and lots of traffic cones!
Bill Stocktons Brawling Robot Traffic Cones And Barrels
Traffic Cone Amnesty BBC claims the cones aren't just cheap plastic crap - they cost £4.15 each! Also an admission by Sergeant Roger Timmins (Hampshire Constabulary) that the cones are dissapearing!
See Also: Scotish Students Urged to Cone Clean, Stolen(?) Traffic Cones in Sussex and A permanent Cone For Wellington
The truth about Traffic Cones

Traffic Cone Fetishists

Sad deluded people who think traffic cones are nice cute conical creatures. Cute huh, electro-cute them I say! One day they will realise that The only good Cone is a dead cone

Robotic traffic cones swarm onto highways Terminator cones should be sent back from the future to exterminate these little pluthermuckers!

Traffic Cone Sculpture - Looks like a traffic cone virus to me

Traffic Cone Sex At The BBC Are the Cones attempting to cross breed with people?

Chrissy Traffic Cone
Traffic Cone Fairy
Dancing With Traffic Cones
Traffic Cones And Lies
Dave Carr's Orange Cones
Cone's As Pets Not particularly funny but yahoo likes them so what the heck
Traffic Cone Wedding (see above)

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