Cone The Destroyer
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Traffic Cone Teeshirts

Cone The Barbarian
Cone The Barbarian

Limited edition designer tee-shirts with Cone The Barbaran or Cone The Destroyer logo on chest.

Sizes Avaliable: S/M/L/XL

Colours Availiable: White only

Price: £35 each + carriage

Sales blurb: Cheapest tee-shirts I could find with hand ironed transfer of Cone the Destroyer/Barbarian Traffic cone with arms and battle axe on chest with adjacent legend 'Cone the Destroyer' or 'Cone The Barbarian' (state preference). Tee-shirts may shrink or fall to bits, and transfers seem to be able withstand at least a few washes. These hand made masterpieces were created by world famous cyclist, programmer, scoop photographer, artist, musician, voter, and all round good guy Nigel 'been there done it & got the teeshirt' Jones and the machinehead design team

Graphic is aprox 2 inches high from the traffic cones base to the top of the battle axe and printed approximately the middle of the tee-shirts chest.

Every tee shirt is a unique collectors item...

Carriage charges will vary depending on how many teeshirts you want, where you live, and how the goods are sent to you. If you are serious about ordering then please contact me first at: with details of your order so I can find out how much the carriage will cost.

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