Traffic cones are actually an alien race who want to achieve world domination by bonking planet earth to a standstill!

Alien Traffic Cone Sex Orgy

Alien Dalek Traffic Cones from the planet ring road COPULATE!
Traffic cones gathered behind the bicycle rails for a frenzied orgy of mad passionate sex Are the evil alien traffic cone invaders pictured enjoying a frenzied sex orgy? Notice how they have gathered by some bicycle rails. Could this be the traffic cones perverted equivalent of doing it behind the school bicycle shed?

Notice the proliferation of dark bases on these cones. Male cones can have this darker plumage too. Could this indicate sexual arousal in cones of both genders?

Perhaps the cones have cum together here in order to attack any cyclist brave enough to leave his bike locked to one of these devices. (The cones seem to have no prejudice - they hate all forms of transport equally!)

Possibly the cones are just lurking here, waiting for an opportunity to sabotage the bike and bring its rider to a standstill.

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