Traffic Cones from the planet ring road EXTERMINATE!
Traffic Cones from the planet ring road EXTERMINATE!

Traffic Cone Invasion

Traffic Cone Invasion is a javascript shoot 'em up created by Nigel 'traffic cone' Jones

The Rules Of Traffic Cone Invasion

There are only three rules to worry about when playing 'Traffic Cone Invasion'

  1. Traffic Cone Invasion has no rules
  2. Traffic Cone Invasion has no rules
  3. Traffic Cone Invasion has no rules

Traffic Cone Invasion - Objectives And Game Play

The objective is to prevent the evil alien Traffic Cones from developing weapons of mass destruction and achieving world domination by killing as many of them as possible. You can kill traffic cones by clicking on them. You get 1 point for each cone killed. The traffic cones get a point for landing and an additional 3 points for escaping off the left hand side of your browser window. If the cones are in stealth mode you will not be able to click and destroy them. You can deploy special anti traffic cone stealth technology counter measures, and turn the cones stealth mode off by clicking on the button marked 'anti radar stealth mode'. Be careful this is a toggle that will also turn the cones stealth mode on if it is already turned off. You can tell if the cones are in stealth mode because:

  1. The Traffic Cone Invaders are invisible
  3. appears.
  4. The Traffic Cones score continues to increase

Traffic Cone Invasion - Weapons Of Mass Destruction

You have only got 5 weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that can be used against the cones. A WMD will kill every cone within range. The range of a WMD is only slightly bigger that the viewable area of your web browser. Traffic cone stealth technology is not resistant to nuclear weapons so your WMD will kill them even when they are invisible. To use a WMD click the button marked 'Nuke The Traffic Cones'.

Traffic Cone Invasion - Time Limits

There are no time limits in 'Traffic Cone Invasion'. The cones are relentless. The more you kill the more reinforcements they will send! The cones will not rest until they have brought the planet to a stand still.

Traffic Cone Invasion - Theme Tune

Here is some Traffic Cone Theme Music (339kb mp3 file - don't give up your day job Nigel!)

Traffic Cone Invasion - System Requirements

For best results use Netscape 6 or higher (Mozilla 0.9 or higher) or Internet Explorer 5 or higher. Also tested with Mozilla 1.5, Firefox 1.0 - runs lovely. And Netscape 4.6/4.7 and it works fine except that the score layer intermitently displays near the bottom of your browser window instead of at the top. The document.all stuff for Explorer 4 has been coded in but not tested so this might work but if not (let me know) what the hell. Tested with Konquorer 2.2.2 everything works fine except the score doesn't show. To calculate the Traffic Cone score multiply the number of cones that have escaped by 3 and add on the number of cones landed. Other browsers not mentioned above are untested by me, but it ought to also work fine with other recent browsers that support the W3C DOM, such as Opera and later versions of Konquorer (let me know). Runs in the WMW Browser no problem.

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