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Nigel Jones - Radio Personality

Nigel Jones - The coolest thing since cryogenics!
Beware of the traffic cones!
On May 3rd 2004 at approximately 9:30am Jones achieved a few minutes of fame on BBC Radio Scotland's Fred McAulay show (Fred's a comedian). Jones would like you to believe that the invitation to appear in a consultative capacity as an "expert on traffic cones" came due to the super cool nature of the web site but its possible that he was simply cheaper than the American web site developers and traffic cone experts.

Jones didn't say very much because the quick repartee isn't very quick before mid day! He managed to utter the immortal words "did it for a laugh Fred" when asked about the traffic cone pages then within a couple of minutes he managed to offend the entire population of Scotland by mentioning this link! [grimace]
AMMENDMENT: entire population of Scotland refers of course to the subset of the Scottish population who were actually listening to the Fred MacAulay show at this time in the morning. This comprises an estimated 6 people including Jones, the producer, Fred, Fred's Mum and a couple of people who thought he was Billy Connely!

No statistics are currently available concerning the number of Traffic Cones who tuned in to the show.

Jones did his best but he is simply not a morning person. The BBC paid him anyhow so Jones thinks they are lovely people (Jones likes anyone who sends him money).

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