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Weather Prediction Cone

Weather prediction cone on string

Planning a bicycle ride in Bristol UK? Fed up with unreliable weather forecasts? Try the high tech patent pending Machinehead weather prediction cone!

The equipment consists of a fir cone on a piece of string. Hang it outside your living room window and it will monitor the weather 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The cone never lies!

Interpretation is as follows:
If the string is vertical, it isn't windy. The more the string deviates from vertical, the stronger the wind. (The amount of deviation from vertical for any given wind strength will depend upon the size and weight of the cone). If the cone is wet but open: It has been raining for a short time and will probably continue for ages. If the cone is wet and closed up tight: It has been raining for ages and will probably continue. If the cone is dry and open: It has not rained for some considerable time so it is probably about to start raining. If the cone is dry and closed: It has stopped raining recently so it will probably start raining again soon.


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