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Link Testing Service

If you can't wait for WMW's release you might wish to take advantage of the Machinehead link testing service: Burn your entire site onto a CDROM and snail mail it to me along with a cheque for 15. Please don't email it to me, if your site is big enough to merit paying me to link test it is by definition big enough to seriously congest my inbox! (I have a cheesy dialup connection).

The following information will also be very helpful:

In return for your fifteen quid I will send you (by email) both WWW and DOS/Windows versions of lists of dead and alien links and orphaned files along with a deletion script for the orphans (please specify if your server is Windows or Linux). Both 'entire tree' and 'spider' versions of the lists will be supplied along with a couple of auto generated site map pages. Also for those who are considering buying a copy when WMW is released I will time both versions and tell you how long the code took to run on your web site.

Your CDROM will not be returned unless you include an SAE for this. Likewise if for some reason I can't test your site your cheque will not be returned either - but it will also not be cashed. I agree in advance that the contents of your CD will not be used for any other purpose except link testing.

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