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Javascript Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Waist (Abdomen)
Hip (Females only)
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Calculated Body Fat Percentage =
Programming by Nigel Jones

Estimates riders body fat percentage based on DoDI 1308.3 guidelines. Units for abdomen/waist, neck, hip and height are inches although you can enter your measurements in centimetres if you want to.

percentage body fat = 86.010 * log10(abdomen-neck)- 70.041 * log10(height) + 36.76
percentage body fat = 163.205 * log10(waist+hip-neck) - 97.684 * log10(height)-78.387

Some extra boxes for hip measurements will appear when the calculator is in female mode

These formula attempt to address the problems with using body mass index (BMI). Claimed accuracy is plus or minus one percent. Further information can be found in the PowerCalc help file (press F1 key) and a full copy of DoDi 1308.3 can be downloaded from corres/pdf/i13083_110502/i13083p.pdf

Minimum System Requirements

Just about any javascript enabled browser

Windows Body Fat Percentage Calculator

The cyclists power calculator also features a body fat percentage calculator based upon exactly the same guidelines. (and a whole lot more besides ;-)

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