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Advertising Opportunity

Nigel Jones has decreed that advertising space will be made available in the Help Files for the Machinehead Bicycle Software and Miscellaneous Downloads.


The bike software demo's are installed on thousands of machines all over the world and I'm running out of bandwidth. Unfortunately to few people are prepared to pay too little so my success in terms of creating a popular site and becoming world famous hasn't also turned into a profitable venture. Worse still I'm no longer able to subsidise the site because I don't currently have a daytime job.

Before applying for charitable status (how about the Nigel Jones charitable foundation for optimisation of bicycle gears). I have decided to attempt to raise some money to keep the web site on line by offering a strictly limited amount of advertising space in the help files that ship with my windows programs. Who knows if this goes well I might even consider putting full unrestricted copies of the programs on the site for free. Thus improving the value of the advertising and freeing up the time I spend burning CD's, replying to enquiries etc to write even more cool bicycle software.

What's In It For You?

Targeted advertising for related products is hard to put a price on. But it stands to reason that someone who is using my bicycle gear calculator is likely to be interested in purchasing cassettes, freewheels, sprockets chains, gear cogs, derailleur mechanisms, bicycle mechanics tools, cycle computers along with a wide range of other cycling products. So if you are a purveyor of such items a link from the GearCalc Pro help file is sure to generate sales.

Likewise you can be pretty sure that anyone who installs WheelCalc is going to be interested in purchasing bicycle hubs, rims, spokes mechanics tools etc.

Users of LevelCalc are more or less guaranteed to be interested in heart rate monitors and related products.

Users of PowerCalc are likely to be interested in a full range of performance cyclists products including nutritional supplements.

The happy little peloton of registered users of my bicycle software, could typically be classified as serious cyclists

If you have a big time commercial music site then the Machinehead Music Player's help file could be just the place to advertise it. Although there currently isn't a help file for the music player I will create one pretty quickly if I get enough interest.

Clearly an advert in one or more of my help files could be a good way for you to generate more sales and obtain good karma. Along with a warm fuzzy feeling that is associated with sponsoring some really cool software.

Nuts And Bolts

The cunning plan isn't finalised or written in tablets of stone but here is the broad outline:

Interested parties are invited to snail mail me on your companies headed note paper (emails from will be ignored) offering bids for one years inclusion in one or more of my help files. I don't want to bloat the files out with excessive advertising so space is limited. It is envisaged that a typical advert will consist of two or three lines of text and a link that when clicked will open the clients default web browser and point it at your chosen web page.

Be sure to include details of the advert(s) that you would like, which help file(s), how much you are willing to pay and how long the offer will be honoured for. Be sure to include your email address etc but do not send any money at this stage. If your offer is accepted you will be contacted in due course and billed. Shortly after the invoice has been paid the latest version of the program and its help file will be uploaded with your advert in place and you will be contacted again so that you can verify. Your year starts from the date of upload and will last for at least 365 days, possibly longer for the same kind of administrative reasons that might cause a delay between acceptance and upload. A years inclusion means that every copy downloaded from my web site over a period of at least one year will contain your advert.

I'm not planning on including any more than about ten small adverts at the most in each help file. This depends on the size of the response and the generosity of the bids. Listings will be in order of importance to my bank manager. I.e. biggest bids at the top of the page.

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