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Meta Keywords Generator

When you click on the CSV (comma separated values) button in the Webmasters Weaponry Word Count Statistics tab, WMW extracts the list of words displays them as shown below. The example was generated from my browser interface page:

Screenshot of meta keyword list

A certain amount of human intelligence is required to manually edit out any words that appear frequently but aren't suitable keywords because no one in his right mind would enter them when looking for your product. After removing these words starting at the end of the list that reads way, when, work i.e Starting with the least frequently occuring words first. The list above becomes something like:
browser, weaponry, webmasters, interface, word, file, count, editor, link, wmw, machinehead, output, phrase, redirector, statistics, text, tools, web, files, software, hypertext, list, pages, program, remap
If you still have too many words, (most people reckon on about 30-40 maximum extracted from the visible text), you can click on the 'limit to first n words' button (where n is the number in the ajacent box).

Click on the Add Meta Tag Wrapper button and WMW puts in the <meta name="keywords" content=" prefix, removes the trailing comma (if there is one), and appends the "> suffix so you finish up with this:

The completed meta keywords tag ready to copy and paste

Right click on the selected meta keywords tag to bring up the menu as shown above, and select copy. You can now paste your completed meta keywords tag into your web page.

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